Digital Age Hauntings: Are You At Risk?

17 March 2015
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If you have the uneasy feeling that something otherworldly lurks in your home, you may be worried that your house is haunted. While that is always a possibility, there is a more likely culprit. You may be suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity also known as electro-hypersensitivity, or EHS, that occurs when you are exposed to high levels of electromagnetic radiation from electrical appliances, your home's electric panel or the wiring inside your home.

What Causes Electromagnetic Radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation emanates from electrical devices as the waves of electric and magnetic energy move through the air. The distance the field of energy travels and the strength of the waves depends on the appliance. It may extend for several feet around electric source. It is common for electrical panels to emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

What are the Symptoms of EHS?

Those who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation may experience a host of symptoms, ranging from minor skin irritations and allergy-like nasal and eye problems to serious health issues like joint pain, headaches and breathing difficulties. Some symptoms of EHS can be mistaken for the paranormal. They include:

  • Anxiety & Fear

The sensation of extreme anxiety or fear may lead those who believe in the paranormal to conclude that some unseen entity is present. Fear and anxiety both alter judgement and may contribute to interpreting unusual sounds or unexplained visual stimuli as paranormal activity.

  • Feeling of Being Watched

The feeling of being watched is common in EHS. It is also one of the most commonly reported paranormal experiences. If you are sensitive to electromagnetic energy that spooky feeling that someone is watching over you may have nothing to do with the paranormal. 

  • Paranoia

Paranoia also alters perception, setting the stage for misinterpreting visual and auditory stimuli. Ordinary sounds, like the creak of a house settling, may suddenly appear menacing or threatening. If you are already experiencing fear and anxiety from EHS, this may compound the issue.

  • Tingly, Burning or Stinging of the Skin

Many people claim to be touched or scratched by paranormal entities. While the sensation may be real, its cause may be the electrical wiring or electrical appliance in your home, as sensitivity to electromagnetic energy can cause unusual skin sensations.

  • Hallucinations

Some people with EHS experience visual or auditory hallucinations that are easily confused with paranormal activity. While that shadowy figure lurking in the darkness could be the dearly departed, it could also be your body's reaction to high levels of electromagnetic energy in your home.

  • Sleep Disorders

EHS is known to cause sleep disorders, which may lead to a sleep disorder known as sleep paralysis. This condition causes you to wake up while your body is still paralyzed from sleep, a natural state to prevent you from acting out your dreams. Many report the sensation that someone is sitting on their chest or that some unknown entity is present in the room preventing them from waking. This strange experience is referred to as Old Hag Syndrome in the paranormal field. While some believe it is paranormal in nature, scientists say the sensation of a presence in the room is just a hallucination.

How Do You Prevent Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation?

Unless you are living off the grid in some remote location in the wilderness, it is unlikely that you can avoid all electromagnetic radiation, as it is a normal byproduct of the digital age. You can, however, reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

  1. Call your local electrician and ask him to inspect and evaluate your home for electromagnetic emissions. This will help you identify faulty lines or appliances that are emitting excessive electromagnetic waves.
  2. Repair or replace any faulty equipment.
  3. Turn off and unplug electrical appliances when not in use.
  4. Remove cell phones, battery chargers and other electronic devices from the bedroom.
  5. Arrange seating and work areas a safe distance from electrical panels and appliances. Your electrician can tell you how far the waves extend from the offending appliance and make recommendations for reducing emissions.

Before you assume that eerie sensation that unseen entities are sharing your home is proof your home is haunted, take the time to rule out symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover the sensations that are giving you chills go away once you correct any problems with excessive electromagnetic energy.