Three Ways A Residential Electrician Can Enhance And Safeguard Your Home

28 May 2015
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As a homeowner, you'll want to ensure your home is safe and protected from electrical hazards, as well as energy efficient. A licensed residential electrician can provide many services that can add to the value of your home, as well as keep your property and family protected from electrical danger. Services such as electrical safety inspections and installation of electrical systems and upgrades can be invaluable to most homeowners. The following is a breakdown of three major ways a residential electrician can enhance and protect your home: 

1. Identify (and Correct) Fire, Safety and Electrocution Risks

By hiring a licensed residential electrician, you will help ensure your family's safety from common electrical hazards in the home. Here are some risks your electrician can identify and correct:

  • Wiring issues: Loose wiring and connections in a receptacle or wall outlet may cause a fire or electrical shock when touched. Your electrician can replace worn wires or damaged outlets if necessary. Loose connections to outdoor lighting fixtures are another hazard that may be corrected by the electrician.

  • Faulty Circuit Breakers or Electrical Panels: Circuit breakers perform the important function of preventing electrical overload in the home and protecting the entire system. Old or worn out circuit breakers may pose a fire hazard. An electrician may test the circuit breakers and electrical panel and replace them if necessary.

  • Unprotected Underwater Lighting in Swimming Pools: If swimming pool lighting circuitry is not protected by a Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), there is a risk of electrocution. Your electrician can install this device for you.

2. Enhance Your Home With Specialty Landscape Lighting For aesthetics and safety, hire a residential electrician to install landscape lighting. Specialty landscape lighting will provide a safe pathway for nighttime walking and ward off intruders with the illumination. It may also provide an illuminated showcase for gardens and flowerbeds. Licensed electricians are experienced and knowledgeable in repairing LED or halogen lighting systems and can help you maintain your lighting..

3. Suggest Upgrades to Help Make Your Home Energy Efficient

There are many ways to make a home operate more efficiently and reduce utility bills. Your residential electrician may identify causes of high energy consumption in your home and install upgrades to combat the issue. Here are a few upgrades your electrician may perform:

Ceiling fan installation: Ceiling fans make homes more efficient by helping rooms feel cooler during the summer and warmer in winter. This is made possible by the movement of air a ceiling fan generates. Your electrician may suggest the proper ceiling fan to use according to room dimensions and ceiling height. For instance, a room with a low ceiling might require a flush-mounted ceiling fan, while down-rod mounted fans work better for high ceilings.

Your electrician may also suggest the accessories you'll need for your ceiling fans. This may include the poles for down-rod models, adapters used for very low ceilings and electrical light kits. Professional installation can help reduce the risk of electrical hazards.

A solar energy system: Solar energy may be a good option for reducing energy costs. Your electrician can evaluate your home and determine whether this type of system would be beneficial. This may be referred to as a solar site analysis.

The electrician will check for sources of outdoor sunlight. He or she may suggest removing obstructions, such as bushes and shrubs. You may also be given an estimate of operational costs. The solar energy system may also be installed by an experienced electrician.

Installation of a power consumption meter: If you're concerned about the amount of electrical power your home is consuming, ask your electrician to provide and install one of these meters inside your home. The system will include sensors and a backlit display unit. A household energy consumption meter helps pinpoint the source of high energy by displaying the electricity consumption of your household appliances.

As noted, a residential electrician has the know-how to provide services that will keep your home safe, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Take the guesswork out of electrical work and hire a professional today.