Christmas Village Design: An Electrical Guide To Keeping Your Miniature Town Running Strong

17 October 2016
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Christmas villages have become a whole separate part of Christmas. Collectors and builders spend years building villages and gathering parts for their miniature Christmas wonderland. Setting up the Christmas village is a whole other process that requires careful planning and designing for anyone looking to have their Christmas village shine. Christmas villages often feature lights, moving trains, and other electronics that make them come to life. Before you start plugging in your village, it's a good idea to plan ahead and ensure that everything is properly set up. By hiring the services of an electrician, you can create an ideal area that can be used for many Christmas seasons in the future. Use this guide to see the best services and upgrades that can help make your Christmas village a part of the holiday season.

Circuit Breaker Inspections and Upgrades

Even though a Christmas village may be filled with small buildings, it often uses up a lot of power. All of the village pieces can pull a lot of power through a single circuit breaker. When you pair this power with other home electronics or appliances, then you may run into an electrical overload. If you have a large village or plan on expanding it in the future, then you may want to hire an electrician to help you upgrade your circuit breaker and inspect it for power usage. Adding an extra circuit breaker to your home can help give the Christmas village its own power source. The dedicated electrical circuit will not be impacted by other things like microwaves or washing machines. You can turn your Christmas village on without causing a circuit breaker to jump or short out. During the rest of the year, the circuit breaker can remain unused and allow you to save energy costs on your home.

Whole-Home Surge Protection

Surge protection is typically considered essential for sensitive electronics like computers and televisions, but it's also important for protecting Christmas villages. Control systems, model train kits, and any type of moving part on your village should be protected from power surges. If a power surge was to occur, the electronics could short out and cause the elements to permanently break. Instead of worrying about each plug for your village, an electrician can protect everything with one simple system. Whole-home surge protection will not only prevent surges to your Christmas village, but it can also add protection to every outlet in the home.

Accent Lighting

Add some extra elements to your Christmas village with the installation of accent lighting. This type of lighting can provide your village with nice visuals and moody elements. For example, an electrician can install small accent lights in the walls above your Christmas village. These lights can shine downwards towards the village and create a nice spotlight effect. When other lights are turned off in the room, the accent lights can add a nice subtle lighting that illuminates sections of the village and makes it stand out in the room that it's set up in.

Motion-Activated Sensors

Turning a whole Christmas village on and off every time you enter a room can be a pain. If you want your village to come to life when entering a room, then you can have an electrician install motion-activated sensors. These sensors can be wired directly to the main power control on your village. When you walk into the room, the sensor can detect your motion and activate the village. The motion sensor can also be set to a timer to automatically turn off the village when no motion is detected. Not only does this make it easier to turn on your village, but it will help you save power by automatically turning the village off when no one is in the room.

Choosing one or more of these upgrades can make a dramatic difference on your annual village. If you plan on expanding your village in any way, then these upgrades may be a good investment. For information on the services that a licensed electrician can provide, check out websites like