Trying To Modernize Your Old-Fashioned Church Building? Ideas For You

16 March 2017
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When you are the manager of an older church building, you may find yourself looking at a major challenge. In today's changing culture and environment, it can be tough to maintain a congregation, particularly with the younger generations. However, one way that you may be able to combat the feeling that your church is outdated and of a bygone era is to modernize the building itself. Taking a few basic steps to change up the look and atmosphere of your church building can make a huge difference and may (over time) draw more and more people in. Get to know some of the ways that you may wish to modernize your old-fashioned church building so you can get started on the renovations as soon as possible.

Upgrade The Lighting

In many older church sanctuaries as well as Sunday School rooms, gathering halls, and the like, the lighting leaves something to be desired. It often feels as if the lights are quite dated and are often large panels of yellowing fluorescent bulbs and covers that seem highly industrial, dirty, and dingy. This bathes the entire room or church as a whole in unflattering and even headache-inducing light.

As such, it may be time for a lighting upgrade. Adding in track lighting with directional and adjustable smaller bulbs and lights can add shadow and contrast to a space, making it feel more welcoming and inviting. Alternatively, you could simply replace the panels of fluorescent lights with more efficient and natural-looking LED lights.

LED lighting offers a variety of color and brightness options from lights that mimic natural sunlight to more atmospheric lighting. They also use less energy and tend to last longer than other lighting options, which will also benefit your church building in reducing energy costs.

Integrate Multimedia Technology Into Your Building

Today's youth are very technology-centered. Everything they do often has something to do with technology. Social media and the internet dominate a great deal of the younger generation's time and attention. You can use this love of technology to your advantage by adding in more multimedia elements to your church space.

In the Sunday School classrooms, for example, you could install flat screen TVs to connect to a laptop or tablet and present lessons using more online and screen-based resources in class. Students could be allowed to use their own tablet devices or those owned by the church to watch Sunday School videos, play games, or do activities.

Similarly, in the sanctuary, you can add screens to project images, prayers, videos, or more during the church service to enhance the words being sung or spoken. The more tech-friendly you make the building, the more likely you will be to connect to younger people and make your church feel more modern. By adding in extra technology, you may not even need to perform major renovations to make the entire space feel modern and renewed.

With these ideas in mind, you can begin the process of modernizing your old-fashioned church building by contacting an electrical contractor to help you install new lighting and new technology. This will help you to get a good, solid start on your modernization efforts. Contact a company like Dunedin Electric Co., Inc. to learn more.