Underfloor Heating: Benefits For Your Growing Baby

23 March 2017
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The installation of underfloor electric heating can provide a little extra warmth to your whole home. The heating can be installed under multiple types of surfaces and creates an optimal way to add heating to living rooms, playrooms, or even the kitchen. If you've recently had a baby, then you can find many advantages of this heating when raising your child. Learn about these benefits and how the heating can get a lot of good use in your home.

Tummy Time & Play Mats

After a baby is first born, they can help develop fine motor skills by spending a few parts of each day participating in tummy time or using play mats. These mats go directly on the floor and feature both physical and visual stimulation for the baby. When the baby is doing these activities, they can be a lot more comfortable if a large source of warmth is coming directly from the floor. The heat can make the floor warm to the touch, making it ideal for your child's sensitive skin. When they are first placed on the floor area, their bodies do not need to tense up or shiver because it is cold.

Baby Movements & Development

As a baby gets older, it will go through many different stages. This includes rolling over, crawling, and walking. A lot of times, the baby may be barefoot for these activities. If this is the case, then underfloor heating can make a lot of these activities a lot more comfortable. The baby can focus on strength and balance rather than avoiding cold areas of the floor. This is especially true for harder surfaces of a floor like wood floors or laminate. The underfloor heating can be installed under a majority of these surfaces and add a lot of extra warmth.

Changing Diapers

While a lot of homes may have some type of changing table, it's not realistic to always use that changing table for changing diapers. Many families will opt to plop the baby right on the floor to change diapers. When a baby's legs and bottom are exposed, you want to ensure that they are comfortable as possible. Rising heat from underfloor heating can really help with this process. You can easily change the diaper and create a comfortable place for the baby to lay down on. It will also make it comfortable for you to kneel and sit while you change the diaper.

Not only can the underfloor heating help a baby, but children will love the warmth as they grow up and use the floor for playing, reading, and a variety of other activities. Contact a company like Feldman Brothers Electrical Supply Co if you are interested in installing floor heating in your home.