3 Benefits of Installing Exterior Lighting Outside Your Home

20 April 2017
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When considering hiring an electrical contractor to install a residential lighting system, you most likely envision the interior of your home as the focal point. While the indoor lighting of your home is a most important aspect, you must not dismiss the importance of lighting the exterior as well.

An exterior lighting design, planned and executed by a professional electrician, can not only enhance your home's aesthetically, it can provide functionality, safety and security for you and every household member. If you are still on the fence about whether you need to have an outdoor lighting system installed, here are three benefits that should not be overlooked:

1. Keep Potential Intruders Away

Are you concerned about crime and the possibility of an intruder on your property? It is a genuine concern, especially on property that is not well lit at night. Security lighting for the exterior of your home is an excellent deterrent against burglaries and trespassers on your property

If the architecture of your home is expansive or has spaces for a burglar to hide or not be easily seen, you might want to consider installing flood lights for the exterior. For a large front or back yard, this is an ideal choice. Flood lights include a broad beam of light with a high intensity.

For a bright beam of light, consider halogen flood lights. LED lighting will last longer, however. Flood light fixtures will be made to withstand all kinds of weather and outdoor environments. Best of all, the high intensity light they provide will discourage potential intruders from entering your property.

To conserve energy and save money on your electric bill, consider flood lights that use a built in programmable timer. This will allow you to program a time when the lights will come on. If you have further concerns about the energy consumption of such a high intensity lighting system, there is an alternative. To save energy, you might want to consider having solar lighting installed. Solar flood lights will gather energy from the sun during the daylight, which will be utilized after dark. The solar energy is stored with the use of a rechargeable battery. Your electrical contractor can explain the operation in detail.

2. Reduce the Risks of Outdoor Accidents  After Dark

From a safety standpoint, exterior lighting for your home is as essential as lighting every room inside the the house. Imagine stepping outside at night onto a darkened stoop and pathway. What if you cannot see obstacles in your way? If you cannot see where you are going, it can become hazardous. Falls are a particular concern for the elderly or those who are physically or visually impaired.

The sensible way to address this concern is to hire an electrician to install lighting along the outside of your home. Request illumination for the front and back porch and patio. Stairways should be well lit as well. Your electrician can offer ideas and suggestions, as there are several options to choose from.

You might have landscape lighting installed, or choose path lights that illuminate walkways. Driveway lights and post lights are good options as well. Whatever design you choose, it is very possible to pick a style that complements your landscape and the exterior decor of your home.

3. Make Your Home More Serviceable and Practical

Do you enjoy entertaining guests outdoors? Do you have a backyard pool or kids play gym going unused after dark due to poor outdoor lighting? Exterior lighting, installed by a professional electrical contractor, can make your home more functional and usable. Consider lighting your outdoor patio and deck to make use of the area after dark.

For more ideas, contact an electrical lighting company via resources like TechOutMyPad.com. Request price quotes and sample photos of the work the professionals have completed.