How Your Electrical Systems Installation In Your New Home Goes, From Start To Finish

12 May 2017
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When you are building a new home, each of the main systems that make a home a home have their own installation time. The foundation or basement is always first, followed by the first floor and its walls and up to the roof. About the time that the basic roof is on, your electrical contractor will come in to do the electrical systems installation. Here is that process from start to finish.

First, the Wiring

Your electrical contractor will look at the building plans and see where the switches and outlets are supposed to go. He or she will attach the outlet boxes and switches to their stud boards, which are still exposed and not covered with plywood, plaster or paint. Really long sets of wiring are connected to these outlets. These sets of wires are run to the fuse box, which is either mounted to another wall on the first floor or to a wall in the basement. All the wiring for switches and outlets have to run to the fuse box. They are conned to their fuse switches via the connections inside the box.

A much larger set of wires and cables come out of the top or bottom of the fuse box. These cables and wires are run underground to a massive volt station or overhead to electrical poles. Connections to the volt station on the ground are all wired in by hand and then the wires and cables are buried and marked on the property map. If the cables and wires are overhead, the electrical contractor connects them from the roof to the electrical poles.

Next, the Ceiling Lights

If there are going to be ceiling lights in most of the rooms of the house, these are installed after the construction contractors have finished with the walls and ceilings. The electrical contractor installs the light fixtures and runs the wiring from the fixtures to the light switches. If you want ceiling fans installed along with your light fixtures, your electrical contractor will do that now.

Finally, Testing for Voltage, Amps

Once the electrical contractor has installed all the components, the wiring and connected everything, he/she uses his/her amp meter and voltage meter to check for live current. If all switches, wires, outlets and ceiling fixtures check out for power, then the electrical contractor, such as ALPHA OMEGA ELECTRIC, makes sure everything is properly grounded and will pass inspection. When that is complete, the electrical installation is complete.