Designing Your Space With Confidence And Foresight - Mapping Out New Bathroom Plumbing

1 June 2017
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Upgrading an old bathroom or installing a new one can be a great way to revitalize your home and get usage out of a space that might otherwise have mostly gone neglected. However, renovations require careful planning, and setting up the plumbing for a new bathroom can be a delicate step that requires particular care in order to serve you properly.

Below, you'll find a guide to some factors you should be sure to consider when mapping out your new bathroom plumbing. Keeping these concerns in mind should allow you to be comfortable with your permanent solution, and should help guide you down the path toward a new addition that meets your every need.

Potential Expansion

Even as you build a new bathroom, it's important to keep in mind the possibility that you may want changes in the future. As your family grows and your needs change, it's natural to want to allow your space to evolve, so while you're doing bathroom work, consider how it might change.

In some cases, this may involve running additional water supplies and then capping them off. In others, it may simply be a matter of redirecting the sewer to another spot in the room so it can be more easily accessed. Whatever your end goal, thinking down the road is sure to be the best way to achieve it.

Maintenance Access

If you've ever attempted to do repair work on an older home, you know that it can be a real challenge to access vital components that often need to be inspected or repaired. Older building techniques didn't often take those concerns into consideration, leaving modern contractors struggling to minimize collateral damage.

Exposed plumbing fixtures are becoming increasingly popular for this reason, as it can allow direct access without having to struggle to fit into narrow cabinets. Keeping your hardware within arm's length can be a huge relief if you ever find yourself needing to quickly address it.

Energy Efficiency

Environmental consciousness is incredibly strong in today's culture, and it's likely to only increase in importance as the years go by. This means creating a plumbing system that focuses on minimizing waste of both water and electricity and maximizing the use of green technologies that may more efficiently handle those issues. Building in energy efficiency now should help keep costs down over the life of the bathroom's usage and might even be a way to find some tax incentives that can help cut the cost of the project more broadly.

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