Can I Replace A Power Meter Myself?

17 June 2017
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In most cases, you will not need to pull and replace your electric meter and can simply wait for a qualified electrician to come and pull the meter for you. However, in some cases, you may need to pull the meter yourself as long as you receive permission. 

Preparations For Removing The Meter

Always turn off the main first before pulling the meter so the meter does not have a load. Most power meters will be found outside. However, there are some power meters that can be found inside. In this case, the power meter is usually found near an electrical panel. If you cannot find where the meter is, simply follow the wires that travel to the home and you will eventually reach the meter. Once you have found the meter, you will need to consider how it is held in position. It is usually held in place by a metal ring. Sometimes, the meter is found in the meter enclosure itself.

Removing The Meter

There are some meters you will not be able to remove yourself and will need to hire a professional. However, there are other meters that are held in place by a simple seal and you will be able to replace them. However, you must notify your utility before doing so and receive permission. Check the meter to determine if there is a connected load to the building. The meter should not be spinning. If it is still spinning, to not go forward. Also, keep in mind that even though the meter is not advancing because the load is shed, this does not mean that the power is completely off.

Special Precautions To Avoid Breaking The Meter

Simply grasp the meter with each hand and pull it off the base. Be careful and do not rock the meter too much because you may damage the jaws that hold the meter in place. It may not come off easily at first, but it will eventually become dislodged. Be careful when touching the jaws because they might be very hot. 

While you may be able to remove the meter yourself, it is best to have an authorized power meter replacement specialist come and replace it for you. Some meters can be difficult to remove and if you do so incorrectly, you may damage the meter or injure yourself. It is also much safer to have a qualified professional remove the meter. For more information about power meter replacements, contact a business such as Double D Electric.