3 Hidden Electrical Dangers In Your Newly Purchased Home

22 July 2017
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Have you recently purchased a home? Have you had a licensed electrician inspect the property? Many people may be under the impression that the basic home inspection that is carried out before a home purchase is sufficient to discover any issues that a home might have. It would be nice if this were true, but it's not necessarily so. If your home is more than a few years old, chances are good that it has one or more electrical issues that aren't going to be obvious to anyone who isn't a professional electrician. Some of the worst offenders include:

Knob and tube wiring: This type of wiring was common up until the 1930s and some older homes may still have vestiges of the original installation. If your home was built in the 30s or before, it's possible that some of this dangerous wiring could still exist and be connected to the grid. Unfortunately, knob and tube wiring disintegrates over time more readily than modern wiring and can cause electrical fires. As such, your insurance may not cover you in the event of a fire if they discover that your home still had live knob and tube wiring. Local electricians can remove and replace these sections of knob and tube wiring, eliminating the danger and allowing coverage by your insurance company.

Old wiring: Knob and tube wiring isn't the only dangerous wiring. Old wires, in general, can also be hazardous. Electrical systems that are more than a couple decades old weren't designed to handle all of the electric items that we have today. A home in the 70s might only have had a few lamps, a radio, a television, and a hair dryer to worry about. Modern homes may have multiple computers, smartphones, several televisions, a microwave, and all sorts of other electronic gizmos. This increased power load can overload your electrical system. At best, you'll have to deal with flipping the circuit breaker back into place. At worst, the overload could cause the wires to heat up to the point where they spark a fire. It's a good idea to get one of your local electricians to start rewiring your home so that you can safely use more power.

Shoddy repairs: Too many homeowners will try to fix their electrical system themselves instead of calling in one of their local electricians to do it for them. As a result, the wiring may not always be up to code. Incorrect wiring gauge, improperly grounded outlets, and various other issues can be serious hazards to your home and family. Unless you're a professional electrician, these issues may not be obvious to you. 

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