Today's Best In Efficient, Convenient Lighting

27 July 2017
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Are you tired of looking at your home through fluorescent lighting? A residential electrician service can help you install some beautiful, modern lighting that is both efficient and easy to use. Here are some options you have.

Solar or LED Lighting

Consider adding some solar lights or LED lights. Solar lights are fairly versatile, and they help you considerably reduce your energy bill. LED lights are best left for outdoor lights, but they are a great accent that you can use for track lighting or light strings. They would also work well to light up light switches, thermostats, and other features that you may want to use in the dark.


Consider adding dimmers to your new lighting fixtures. They serve many purposes. For one, they help set the tone in your home. Whether you'd like the light to be bright enough to help you chop vegetables or dim enough to set a romantic mood, you can get it all with a good set of dimmers. Plus, dimmers help you save energy. If you don't always need a bright setting on your lights, you're wasting money by having the lights on full blast all of the time.


Automation is an amazing feature for those people who want excellent control of their lights despite a busy schedule. Consider what it would be like to be able to set lights to come on periodically when you're away on vacation; that's an important way to scare burglars away. Or, if you have a dog walker, maybe you want the lights to come on just while they're tending to your pets and then to go off on their own. All of that can be done with the right automation system that you can access from your phone. And, as an added bonus, you'll be able to check to make sure you've turned off all of the lights if they are hooked into an automation system.

Motion Lighting

Motion lighting is very helpful for outdoor settings. They will come on as someone approaches your property, giving them more light to reach the front door. But the same feature may startle away someone who was approaching the property with bad intentions.

In short, there are plenty of new lighting options to consider. You're not stuck with whatever lighting system was passed down to you; in a matter of hours, your residential electrician services team can wire a brand new lighting system for you.