4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Fire Alarm System

17 October 2017
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As a business owner or homeowner with a fire alarm system installed, you want to be sure that it is always functioning properly, otherwise, there's really no point to having one if it's unable to provide the protection that you are looking for. Here are four ways to care for your fire alarm system to be sure that it's going to work correctly in the event of a fire:

  1. ​Hire Professionals for Inspection as Soon as Indicator Lights: Most fire alarm systems are going to have a light or sound indicator that lets you know when something might be wrong with the system. As soon as this is activated, you should call in professionals for inspection. This way, you can get your fire alarm system back into working order right away. 
  2. Hire Professionals for Regular Inspections: You don't just want to wait to have an inspection when the indicator lights, though. You should be hiring professionals to inspect the system at least once per year. This is similar to a regular exam. The professionals will ensure that everything is functioning properly, which is especially important if you have a more intricate fire alarm system that has many components connected to one another, such as sprinklers connected to an alarm. 
  3. Get the System Replaced When Necessary: After a certain age, the fire alarm system may need to be replaced. It's important that if the professionals suggest this because the system is older that you do so. Otherwise, you will find yourself having to make repairs more often. Plus, chances of the fire alarm system working in the event of a fire are much less likely. Besides, newer fire alarm systems have up to date technology and features that make them even better for handling emergencies. 
  4. Test the Fire Alarm System: You fire alarm system should come with a manual that instructs you on how to test the system. You should do this at least once per year, as well. If your system is connected to the fire department, be sure to contact them to let them know that you are going to be testing the system. You might want to do this before having an inspection so that if problems show up, you can let the professionals know when they arrive for inspection. 

When you do the above four things, you can be sure that the fire alarm system you have installed in your home or business is actually being put to good use by protecting you in case of an emergency.