Maximize Security By Adding Motion-Sensor Lighting With An Electrician's Help

8 January 2018
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Finding a safe neighborhood may have been a top priority when you went house hunting. But, even if you found a home in a fitting neighborhood and you know all your neighbors, you may still want to improve your home's security. This will further protect your family and belongings, which will only make you feel more comfortable whenever you are away from home.

Whether you have a home security system or not, you should not hesitate to hire a residential electrician to install motion-sensor lights throughout the exterior portion of your property.

Storage Shed

The most vulnerable parts are features that are not attached to your home. For instance, you may have a detached storage shed in your backyard. If the shed is tall enough to be out of reach for most people, you can install motion-activated lights to improve the security in the area.

When the shed is not tall, you will need to find an alternative place to install these lights. For instance, you can install a lamp post in the ground and point one or two lights towards the shed.


The fence around your property is just one measure to protect your home. A tall fence will discourage people from trying to climb over, but it may be its only defensive measure. You can add another security measure by putting motion-activated lights around the fencing. This will expose anyone or anything that gets close to the fence where one of the lights is directed.


Some people may attempt to get into your home through the garage. Having motion lights next to the garage will discourage anyone from trying to break in because of the visibility. Most garages are next to the driveway, which means you will also be protecting your driveway. An electrician can show you all the viable locations to install these motion-activated lights.

Front Entry

The front entry is another area where you should not skimp on protection. Whether someone comes to your front door at night or you are coming home from work in the dark, you will appreciate motion-sensor lighting that turns on as soon as anyone gets near the front entry.

Hiring an electrician for a home inspection can open the discussion of installing security lighting. You can start making plans to figure out if you need extra electrical power or outlets. Once the preparation is complete, an electrician can begin to install security lights around your property.