Answering Common Questions About Solar Panels

25 April 2018
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The addition of solar panels to your house can be a major upgrade to make. While these panels are increasingly becoming a common sight in many neighborhoods, you may not have much first-hand experience with these panels. Therefore, there may be several fundamental concerns that you need to be answered.

Will The Solar Panels Power Your Entire House?

It should be noted that the amount of power provided by the solar panels will vary depending on the capacity of the panels that were chosen, the amount of sunlight that they receive and the power demands for your home. For those that are wanting to power their homes using these panels completely, it can be worthwhile to have a professional electrician to calculate the amount of power that is needed so that the correct solar panels can be chosen. 

If you are simply looking to supplement the power to your home, this is also a possible option. When you take this approach, you will be able to direct the energy from these panels to a central battery to be shared by the entire house or the energy can be sent to specific energy-intensive appliances.

Can You Install The Solar Panels Without Professional Help?

While it may be possible for a homeowner to be able to install their solar panels without professional help, this is not something that is advisable for most people. Connecting the solar panels to the home's electrical system can be extremely complicated and potentially dangerous. Mistakes during this part of the process can result in the home suffering serious damage or you being severely injured. 

In addition to these risks, there may be legal liabilities involved with incorrectly completing this work as it may void the protection of your homeowner's insurance or violate local building codes. Due to these particular hazards, you will want to always hire professionals to install your solar panels. Luckily, many solar panel retailers also provide installation services.

Is It Hard To Keep The Solar Panels Maintained?

Some homeowners will avoid installing solar panels due to the belief that these panels will be extremely difficult to maintain. Yet, these panels will require very little from you to function. Typically, the only work that will need to be done to the panels is to clean them once a year to remove debris that may have settled on them. If you live in an area that receives heavy snowfall, you may need to remove the snow, or you can install a heating system to help melt the snow and ice that may accumulate on the solar panels. 

For more information, contact your local electrical contractors.