Factors to Assess When Deciding to Repair or Replace Residential Lighting

7 December 2020
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The lighting around your residential property is something you may have to repair or replace at some point. You may be uncertain about which direction to go in, but if you keep these factors in mind, making a decision that's right for your property will be a lot easier to do.

Age of Lighting Systems

One factor that might push you in a particular direction when dealing with residential lighting issues is the age of the lighting system. How long has it been in your home?

A system that's decades-old may just need to be replaced because building codes have evolved to be much safer. Replacing an outdated system would be a safe move on your part.

In contrast, if your lighting system is just a couple of years old, having it repaired when trouble arises probably is better because you want to get more years out of this system if you can.

Frequency of Repair

Lighting systems on residential properties will face all kinds of issues, such as flickering, bad wiring, and faulty fuses. So that you can decide competently whether to replace your system or have it repaired by an electrician, think about the frequency of the repairs.

How often are you having to deal with lighting issues and get professional assistance? If it's not that often, then another repair wouldn't hurt. If it's frequently though, you may just get a new system because then these repairs won't be as frequent and cost you as much money.


Whether you're replacing your lighting system or having it repaired, you will have to spend money. Which option you go with may come down to how much money you can afford for these services that electricians offer.

For example, if you have plenty of money and want to avoid dealing with chronic lighting issues, a replacement may be an attractive option because you won't have to deal with as much hassle regarding repairs. 

If money is tight, then buying a new lighting system may not be in the cards. A repair may be the best economical option right now.

Lighting systems around residential properties will face issues that will either call for repairs or replacements. Knowing how these systems work and reviewing certain things can help you make the right decision about repairing or replacing your lighting system. To learn more about your options, contact a lighting repair service like Conway Electric.