How To Properly Cap-Off An Unused Electrical Connection To Protect Your Home And Keep You Safe

When performing household renovations, you are likely to encounter electrical outlets, switches or other fixtures that will either need to be relocated or deactivated. The process of deactivating a connection is known as capping-off, and it can be either on a long-term basis or permanently out-of-service. The main goal of capping-off is to isolate bare […]

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Digital Age Hauntings: Are You At Risk?

If you have the uneasy feeling that something otherworldly lurks in your home, you may be worried that your house is haunted. While that is always a possibility, there is a more likely culprit. You may be suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity also known as electro-hypersensitivity, or EHS, that occurs when you are exposed to high […]

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