Underfloor Heating: Benefits For Your Growing Baby

23 March 2017
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The installation of underfloor electric heating can provide a little extra warmth to your whole home. The heating can be installed under multiple types of surfaces and creates an optimal way to add heating to living rooms, playrooms, or even the kitchen. If you've recently had a baby, then you can find many advantages of this heating when raising your child. Learn about these benefits and how the heating can get a lot of good use in your home. Read More 

Trying To Modernize Your Old-Fashioned Church Building? Ideas For You

16 March 2017
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When you are the manager of an older church building, you may find yourself looking at a major challenge. In today's changing culture and environment, it can be tough to maintain a congregation, particularly with the younger generations. However, one way that you may be able to combat the feeling that your church is outdated and of a bygone era is to modernize the building itself. Taking a few basic steps to change up the look and atmosphere of your church building can make a huge difference and may (over time) draw more and more people in. Read More 

The Wind, The Blackout And The Generator Won’t Start–What Can You Do?

10 March 2017
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Pulling that old portable generator out of storage to use during a weather-related blackout just to find that it isn't working is a problem. When you're stuck in the backwoods and can't get to town or call an electrician, you'll need to do some quick assessments to see what's wrong. What To Check First When your generator won't start, it's time to break out your DIY hat: Check the gas. The shelf life of gas isn't as long as you might think. Read More 

Steps to Take After an Office Fire

2 March 2017
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Office fires are an event that may bring down productivity and morale, but they can also be an opportunity to make your building more secure. Here are some of the steps to take after a fire. Communicate with Employees The first step would be to let employees in on what you know about the fire. If there is a suspected cause, that is helpful for employees to know as they attempt to help mitigate risk in your office building. Read More 

Christmas Village Design: An Electrical Guide To Keeping Your Miniature Town Running Strong

17 October 2016
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Christmas villages have become a whole separate part of Christmas. Collectors and builders spend years building villages and gathering parts for their miniature Christmas wonderland. Setting up the Christmas village is a whole other process that requires careful planning and designing for anyone looking to have their Christmas village shine. Christmas villages often feature lights, moving trains, and other electronics that make them come to life. Before you start plugging in your village, it's a good idea to plan ahead and ensure that everything is properly set up. Read More