3 Hidden Electrical Dangers In Your Newly Purchased Home

22 July 2017
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Have you recently purchased a home? Have you had a licensed electrician inspect the property? Many people may be under the impression that the basic home inspection that is carried out before a home purchase is sufficient to discover any issues that a home might have. It would be nice if this were true, but it's not necessarily so. If your home is more than a few years old, chances are good that it has one or more electrical issues that aren't going to be obvious to anyone who isn't a professional electrician. Read More 

Protecting Your Home Through Vigilance And Responsiveness – Signs You Need Electrical Repair

14 July 2017
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While home ownership comes with a great deal of excitement, it also comes with a great deal of responsibility. Keeping up with complicated repair tasks and staying vigilant for potential challenges to the status quo can take up a large amount of your attention, but perhaps none of that vigilance is more necessary than that of overseeing your electrical system. The modern world is entirely run by electronics, so if your system fails, your day-to-day comfort might take a substantial hit. Read More 

Concerned With Energy Consumption While Using New Tech?

29 June 2017
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The modern age of consumer technology is a precarious dance of new, high energy demands and the need to follow energy conservation guidelines. Some experimental or large, industrial machines may be able to get away with massive power use for the sake of research and higher yields, but home tech owners need to worry about their personal power bill and budget. To understand how your tech actually impacts the bill, as well as ways that electricians can help, take a look at a few consumer technology power use details. Read More 

Can I Replace A Power Meter Myself?

17 June 2017
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In most cases, you will not need to pull and replace your electric meter and can simply wait for a qualified electrician to come and pull the meter for you. However, in some cases, you may need to pull the meter yourself as long as you receive permission.  Preparations For Removing The Meter Always turn off the main first before pulling the meter so the meter does not have a load. Read More 

How To Power A Lighted Mirror From An Overhead Light Fixture

14 June 2017
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Sometimes an overhead light is either to dim or too harsh to bring out your true beauty, so you may choose to install a lighted wall mirror to see the real you. However, many lighted mirrors require hard wiring rather than a simple plugin, so you'll need a power source to tap into for the mirror. While the overhead light may not provide the type of lighting that you require, you can use it as a source of power for your new lighted mirror. Read More